TEDx Talk by Sinu Joseph: Menstrual Health of India

If you had to rate the menstrual health of India, especially of rural Indian women, would you rate it as good, average or bad?

Watch Sinu Joseph’s second TEDx talk to know all about the ground realities of how women in rural India view and manage menstruation.



  1. Love your talk and your passion. Thanks so much for explaining everything. I have been reading your studies and learned a lot. I have also started listening to my body and I have worked through a hormone imbalance and gotten my self balanced again naturally. There is hope for women if they stop doing what everyone else does and start doing things a bit like they did a few years ago.

  2. Amazing talk! But, I’d like to point out one thing – despite great menstrual health, rural girls are missing school. And I’m guessing that’s because they don’t have urban products which they can wear, throw and change into easily. What do you think?

    • Hello. Thanks for the appreciation. According to existing published research, no where is it proven without doubt that girls miss school due to non-availability of menstrual products. This is a myth created by manufacturers of menstrual products. If girls do miss school during menstruation, it is due to period pain (dysmenorrhea). You can read our study comparing over 100 research papers to know more about the status of menstrual health in India, developing and developed countries. The report also has information on school drop-outs and related findings – https://mythrispeaks.wordpress.com/2016/06/13/menstruation-rhetoric-research-reality/

  3. Thank you so much for your passion and distributing your knowledge on a topic that is considered irrelevant and taboo by many including women . Very brilliant blog . Your insights are so relevant and challenging for today’s so called modern ways and modern thinking .Truly thank you.

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