Mythri (English)

Mythri has now been dubbed in English and can be viewed at the link below:

Due to technical reasons, we have not been able to edit the subtitles or add credits for the dubbing. We thank the following people for making it possible:

– The Forward Foundation, for helping raise funds
– Madcat Studio and Anil CJ, for helping with recording and sync
– Voice artists Ritwika Bhattacharya, Akila, Vyjayanti, Vikshut and child artists Shreyoshe, Vibha and Ritika.


  1. beautiful, well explained video that each and every person has to see and understand …both women and men MUST watch this video… I am sharing with all my friends and on my fb page for many to see… Great job Sinu and team….you guys are the best!!!….If there is anything that we can help with, please let me know..I am in Texas,USA…originally from Madras,Tamilnadu

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