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One comment

  1. Comment: Dear Mam

    I have red you book on decoding menstrual practices , which helped me to understand my body better . I can sense your effort to make people understand in every aspect of menstruation . I have gone through troubles during menstruation and I am feeling better through some sadhanas.
    I want to know that ,if elevating the chakras from mooladhara to shahasssra is called ultimate spiritual process ,How can I examine myself that ,which chakra is active in me . Among the 7 chakras and which chakra is dominant so that I can work in increase my sadhana to attain my desired chakra . Can you refer a book ? or some sadhana to examine

    Thank you , looking forward to your upcoming initiatives and waiting for you second part of RITU vidhya

    Reply at your nearest convenience

    With love and health

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