Using the video

1. How can I download and use the video?

Please visit the section “Videos” where you will find the Mythri films in different languages.

2. What is the cost of using the video?

There is no cost attached to downloading and using the video, since it is meant to reach out to as many adolescent girls as possible with ease. We urge you to use the video and the messages in it responsibly. Please note, that the video is not meant for commercial purposes and should only be used for a social cause without any cost to those who benefit from it. 

3. Do I need permission to use and download the video?

While we encourage you to let us know if you have used the video as it will help us understand the reach and impact, there are no compulsions, simply because the intention of Mythri is to reach out to as many adolescent girls as possible with minimal difficulties. We encourage you to write to us at contactus@mythrispeaks.org and let us know if you wish to use the video.

Imparting awareness

4. Can this video be substituted for medical advise on problems related to menstruation?

No. This video is only meant to make girls aware of when to see a doctor. In case of any concerns or problems due to menstruation, we encourage girls to see a gynecologist.

5. How do I equip myself to impart awareness on Menstrual Hygiene using this video?

Please visit the page “Facilitator’s guide” which provides detailed guidelines on how to equip yourself to impart awareness effectively.

6. What are the prerequisites for anyone who is interested to impart awareness using this video?

  • Since this video has been made in local languages, knowing the respective local language will be one of the prerequisites so that the facilitator can effectively interact with the students for whom this video is meant.
  • Most schools prefer female facilitators, keeping in mind the comfort level of adolescent girls.
  • An important prerequisite will be one’s ability to overcome one’s own inhibitions about menstruation in order to be an effective facilitator.
  • A complete list of guidelines have been provided in the section “Facilitator’s Guide” and you are encouraged to go through the same before you use the video.

7. I am a male facilitator; can I also use this video to impart awareness to female students?

Most schools prefer female facilitators. Hence it will be better if you sought permissions from the school staff and principal before imparting awareness. We have prepared the guidelines and the video primarily for female facilitators, hence a male facilitator may have to come up with other ways of being effective while imparting awareness.

 8. Will your team be able to train a team of volunteers on using this video effectively?

Given prior notice, our team will be happy to train anyone who wishes to undertake such sessions.

9. Can this video be used to impart awareness to adult women?

While there is no harm in using this video for awareness talks with adult women, it should be noted that the purpose of the video was to impart awareness to adolescent girls and the contents have been put together keeping this in mind.

Using the video outside Karnataka

10. Can I use this video in other regions, outside Karnataka?

Yes, the original Kannada film has not been dubbed into 7 other languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Odiya, English and Marathi.

11. I wish to translate the video in other languages for other regions. How do i go about doing it?

Before translating the contents as it currently is, it will be better to spend time understanding the menstrual hygiene practices in the local area where you wish to use the video. Appropriate changes in content may need to be made for a different region. Once you have identified the changes that need to be made, and recorded the voice for the same, we can assist you in creating a regional version of the original video.

Providing Feedback

12. How do I provide feedback or contact those who created the video?

You can write to us at contactus@mythrispeaks.org

13. I wish to share my experiences in using Mythri to impart awareness on Menstrual Hygiene. How do I go about it?

We welcome your experiences and stories and would be happy to put it up. Do send us the same in a word document with relevant photos and mail it to contactus@mythrispeaks.org

14. Does Mythri have an interactive platform like Facebook?

Yes. You can find us on facebook at this link – https://www.facebook.com/mythrispeaks/?ref=hl

One comment

  1. I would like to be a associated with Mythri as a facilitator. I’d love to work with you. Being a woman, and a mother of 2girls, I’m aware of the problems, an adoloscent girl goes through. I’m good with talks and speeches and a student of biology. I’m confident that I can talk to the girls with ease and also answer the queries and concerns in the right way.
    Let me know how I can connect with you. It would be a great pleasure to work for this cause.

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