Mythri is a 23 minute Animated Video in Kannada, which has been divided into 3 parts to enable facilitators to pause and interact with girls. The entire video can be viewed here



  1. Progressive step and best wishes to this effort.

    Please turn down or remove the background music, it distracts from the conversation and the message

    • Hi Sharanya, at this point we have made only one video, which is in Kannada. Making it in other languages will require a detailed study of the practises and culture in other regions. However, we are planning versions in other languages, following a detailed study.

  2. wish you had it in Malayalam . We are an NGO working with the girls and women , with the view of empowering them . Presently , we are in a project where we are in touch with abused underage girls in government shelter . If we had this in Malayalam/English , it would have been extremely helpful . Malayalam , since most of these girls are from Kerala and English , because we also would like to run it in schools .

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