Sinu Joseph talks about Ṛtu Vidyā and decoding cultural practices around menstruation

In this talk, Sinu Joseph touches upon the process she has followed to understand and decode the cultural practices around menstruation. This video has been recorded as part of the Digital Launch of Sinu’s book Ṛtu Vidyā, on October 17, 2020, organized by Mythri Speaks Trust.

In this video, is presented the thought process that went into decoding the cultural practices around menstruation, covered in the book Ṛtu Vidyā. She also touch upon the explanations pertaining to three common menstrual practices-

  1. Why women refrain from watering /going near the Tulasi plant during menstruation?
  2. Why women follow the practice of not cooking food while menstruating?
  3. The practice of Menstrual seclusion and the science behind it

One comment

  1. Madam, everything cannot be explained to everyone. Ceratin prescriptions are written for people to follow for their good. How many of us ask reasons for each and every command that we have to follow while working with computer? Those who want to know the reson, there knowledge bank available; somtimes we may have to undergo a course of two or three years. Every one will not have the capacity or patience for that.

    The same must be the case for many of the old practices. Only difference is that the ancient rules have become part of our belief system.

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