Suggestions on the Draft National Policy for Women 2016

The Ministry of Woman and Child has released a draft National Policy for Women, 2016. Coming more than a decade after the existing policy, this policy is a significant step for India to move towards holistic women’s empowerment.

At the outset, we truly appreciate the freshness in thinking and the much needed depth in endeavors to empower women that the new policy proposes. The inclusion of geriatric healthcare, mental health, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, healthcare for menopausal women, investments in data infrastructure and healthcare coverage for surrogate pregnancy & birthing are much welcome. We are especially excited that attention is being paid to document and promote traditional knowledge of women including healing practices through indigenous treatment systems in remote areas (1. xi).

We welcome the recognition offered to women in terms of conserving genetic diversity and championing sustainable agricultural practices. The introduction of “Agriculture for Nutrition” campaign is truly innovative. (3. iii).

We also appreciate that the Ministry is looking at engaging boys and men in preventing violence against women. (5. ix)

Based on our experience of working on ground on women’s health and violence, we propose the following additions on the priority areas of Health & Violence Against Women.

Our suggestion on the Draft Policy can be read here – Suggestions on the Draft National Policy for Women 2016

The Draft National Policy for Women 2016 can be viewed here 


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