Voice of the Gollas: Understanding menstrual seclusion practices in Gollarahattis

Mythri Speaks travels to Gollarahattis across Hassan and Chitradurga districts in Karnataka to understand the perspectives and practices around menstruation. Gollas are a cattle-rearing community who live together in hamlets called hatti, across Tumkur, Hassan and Chitradurga districts of Karnataka.

During the visit, we interacted with more than 300 women and men from 6 different hattis, explored the original reasons behind menstrual practices such as building menstrual huts, and captured the voice of the Gollas, uncut.

The Travel Diaries are in 3 parts which covers our visits to the hattis.

Part 1 – covers our visit to Arasikere taluk (Hassan district) and explanation by the hatti leader regarding the origin of the menstrual huts for women who have their period and those who just had a child.

Part 2 – covers our interaction with a hatti leader, Mr. Rudrappa and his interesting explanation of the origin of menstrual practices. Catch Mr. Rudrappa do a session for the women of Dodderi about their period!

Part 3 – covers our visit to Challakere & Hiriyur taluk (Chitradurga district), with uncut voices of the Gollas expressing their concerns and needs during menstruation. Why make assumptions when you can directly listen to the voice of the practitioners! This video also covers our conversation with Prof. Nagappa, a golla who has done extensive research about his community. Prof. Nagappa presented a comprehensive understanding of the Gollarahattis and what needs to be done.


  1. […] Water Aid’s project WASH had put up a “World Taboo Map” at the conference. The idea was to list all menstrual taboos across the world. The Menstrual Hygiene day, an initiative of WASH focused on breaking the taboos such as menstrual seclusion. Menstrual practices are often spoken of as the result of a patriarchal society in India which is deliberately attempting to suppress women. However, our interactions with women of the Golla Community in Karnataka, revealed that women chose these practices inspite of men telling them that they have a choice. (Link to our work with Gollas – Voice of the Gollas) […]

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